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Lunch with APRA Europe: DIN SPEC 91472

Register for our upcoming webinar on 29 February: 

“Lunch with APRA Europe: DIN SPEC 91472:2023 – Why and how to implement the new German cross-industry standard across Europe”

Speaker: Hannes Geist (University of Freiburg – Department of Sustainable Systems Engineering)


DIN SPEC 91472:2023 is a new German cross-industry standard on Remanufacturing, applicable across Europe. It was developed by a consortium with experts from the automotive, heavy-duty and off-road equipment, aerospace, measurement technology and manufacturing systems remanufacturing industry, together with experts from legal, consumer protection and academia. APRA Europe was part of the consortium under the lead of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Balle and Hannes Geist from the University of Freiburg.

If you are interested why topics like …

Process quality

Reman-specific circularity indicators

Labels for remanufacturing products

… and are interested in why these matter for your European Remanufacturing activities and how to implement it, join the free Webinar:

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