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APRA Europe
at a glance
We are:

  • a non-profit association

  • a cluster network in remanufacturing

  • directed by a voluntary and unpaid Board

  • focusing automotive remanufacturing

  • supporting remanufacturers, core dealers, wholesalers, suppliers and research

  • pursuing the most sustainable business model


About APRA Europe

APRA (Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association) is the only global association that has been representing the interests of automotive remanufacturing companies since 1941. APRA's Europe Middle East Africa division (EMEA) and remanufacturing cluster is well-known as APRA Europe and based in Brussels, Belgium. The association’s approximately 600 members worldwide are primarily tier 1 suppliers and independent remanufacturers as well as core brokers. Together with FIRM, which merged into APRA Europe, we represent approximately two-thirds of all employees in the European automotive remanufacturing industry.


APRA Europe promotes remanufacturing as an integral part of the circular economy and represents the interests of the industry, including free trade, an independent aftermarket and legal certainty. Remanufacturing is the highest form of recycling and should therefore be actively promoted by politicians, law giving institutions and companies. Members benefit from the organization’s close integration with other industry associations, receiving guidance and support for business matters. APRA Europe also holds its own conferences and other events to bring together supply and demand – for the benefit of each. APRA is the Voice of Remanufacturing since 1941.


Political Agenda

  • APRA Europe promotes remanufacturing as an integral part of the circular economy

  • APRA Europe stands up for an independent aftermarket

  • APRA Europe advocates for free trade and a reliable legal framework

  • APRA Europe connects with other associations for remanufacturing lobbying activities inside Europe


APRA Europe competition and antitrust law policy

APRA Europe is committed to complying with competition and antitrust law.
Our policy gives guidance to the APRA Europe Board of Directors as well as the association members on how to comply with relevant laws. It defines rules for Board meetings, conferences, symposia, exhibitions as well as other meetings and events with contribution of APRA Europe because such meetings and events pose risks of exchanging inappropriate information with competitors.

Our history


APRA Europe merges with FIRM (International Federation of Engine Remanufacturers)


Start of the cooperation with Automechanika Frankfurt


30th birthday of APRA Europe


Foundation of APRA European legal entity


Rematec exhibition reaches 3600 attendants


75th birthday of APRA; APRA has 1000 members


BIG R Show with 1350 attendants from 55 countries


G7 summit: Remanufacturing is part of resource efficiency


Foundation of APRA Asia Pacific division


1st Rematec exhibition in Amsterdam


50th birthday of APRA


1st APRA European Symposium in Frankfurt, Germany


Foundation of APRA European division


APRA has 600 members


Annual convention reaches 1200 attendants


1st APRA video explaining remanufacturing and benefits


APRA has 150 members


1st National Convention of APRA in Chicago, United States


Foundation of APRA, California

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