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Working groups are temporary teams of experts who develop answers to strategic remanufacturing related topics.

Working groups

About our working groups

APRA Europe supports its members through expert knowledge and advice. Sometimes it is necessary to make a more profound analysis of trends and opportunities, to develop a common understanding of certain aspects of technology, regulation, market trends. This allows an interdisciplinary team of APRA Europe members to work together for a limited period in a cluster and to work out answers and solutions. The end result could be position papers, white papers, books.

Objectives of the working groups

  • to formalize and present to external stakeholders the position of APRA Europe on a specific challenge or enabling technology

  • to revise the state-of-the-art in a specific domain

  • to highlight potential business directions or innovation drivers in the domain

  • to create an APRA Europe critical mass on strategic remanufacturing related topics

  • to create synergies with technology providers orend-users in different sectors

  • to support European Institutions in policy making and legislation


How can I initiate or participate in a working group?

All members of APRA are welcome to take an active role and can submit their proposals for a working group or can indicate their interest in participating in an existing working group. 


Check all active working groups

If you find an area of interest on this site you can contact us and show your interest in participating. 


Submit your proposal

For new working group ideas, you can draft your concept and submit an application to the APRA Europe Board of Directors.

Download and fill the application form here.
Please submit to


Get involved!

We are happy to involve any APRA member with relevant experience who is ready to take an active role in the advancement of our industry. 

Engine remanufacturing working group



Clemens Ortgies
(Director APRA Europe)


The engine remanufacturing working group evolved from the FIRM association which merged into APRA Europe. FIRM was the umbrella association for national engine remanufacturing associations. 


Clemens Ortgies

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