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Brand new service for our members: APRA Europe working groups

APRA Europe constantly improves services for its members. We CONNECT, SUPPORT and DEFEND the remanufacturing industry.  In order to support through expert knowledge and advice it is sometimes necessary to make a more profound analysis of trends and opportunities, to develop a common understanding of certain aspects of technology, regulation, market trends. This allows an interdisciplinary team of APRA Europe members to work together for a limited period and to work out answers and solutions. The end result could be position papers, white papers, books that help advance the industry.


All members of APRA are welcome to take an active role and can submit their proposals for a working group or can indicate their interest in participating in an existing working group.


To learn more about the working groups concept, procedure and initiation, visit our website


We will keep our community informed about newly established working groups and opportunities to contribute with expertise.



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