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APRA Europe upgraded!

We are committed to constantly improve our services to members and to enhance public recognition of the remanufacturing industry.


Key part of our association identity is our value proposition which consists of three core values: to CONNECT, to SUPPORT and to DEFEND.


We are trying to align all services to members and daily activities with these values.

In line with this, we find it essential to provide an inspiring (physical and online) platform where our members and stakeholders can interact with experts, customers and suppliers (connect), can find relevant and latest information (support) and can learn about our positions and activities in the field of regulation and legislation (defend).


To better reflect our values and brand identity, we have renewed our association design along with a completely new website and newsletter:



Our renewed color scheme consists of two main elements:

  • Dark green-blue where green stands for our brand history (former green logo) as well as sustainability and where blue stands for professionalism and trust.

  • Orange stands for power and dynamic.



We kept the original shape of the logo in order to reflect our roots and adjusted the colors to the new design.



The APRA Europe News will move to an email-based newsletter which is state-of-the-art in terms of layout, handling and settings.



Our website has completely been renewed and is now also state-of-the art technology, has a modern appearance and handling and offers much more contents both for the public and, in particular, for our members.


Association members get exclusive access to a mighty members area which includes, e.g.:

  • Presentation slides, partly video recordings of relevant events (APRA European Symposium, Automechanika, Rematec)

  • Webinar slides   

  • Newsletter archive

  • Legal corner and expert insights archive

  • Downloadable members list

  • Website users list with opportunity to connect and interact/chat

  • Reman Forum where members can discuss manifold topics of relevance


We are proud to launch the new features and are convinced that this step will help us grow our network, improve our services to members and further develop our association.

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